Masks of Nyarlathotep

The Plantation

Getting to Know Jackson Elias

After wrapping up events in Arkham and seemingly having dealt with Seaton, the group returned to Ma’s Boarding House for some much needed rest. Jackson Elias called to make an appointment to proffer his fee and collect the group’s research. En route to Jackson’s rented accommodations Lothario accidentally stuck a small negro boy who had dashed into the street. The boy suffered a broken arm, and a local constable accompanied Lothario to the hospital to see it tended to while the rest of the group continued on to Jackson’s.

At the hospital, the boy revealed he was called Little Joe, and he had been looking for “Master Elias,” as there was some trouble at the Elias family plantation in South Carolina. The boy had traveled by hitchhiking and by foot, guided by strange dreams to Arkham. Lothario brought the boy to see Jackson, where the rest of the group had just caught him up to speed with regards to their Arkham research.

A lovely southern dinner was interrupted by a pounding at the door, as Rafe Bodeen, sharecropper foreman of the Elias plantation, demanded to see Joe. The brutish man claimed Joe had stolen money and run off, and wanted to see justice done. When the group tried to sneak Joe out the rear door they were fired upon by robed figures hiding in the bushes. A tense battle ensued, including a close-range shotgun fracas in the kitchen which left the room in shambles but spilled no blood, and saw Douglas score a fine blow which shattered Rafe Bodeen’s nose. The assailants soon fled, but pursuit was halted when they group found their tires slashed. One of the fleeing figures was shot in the back before he could reach the getaway car. In his pockets was found ten dollars and a train ticket stub, from Charleston.




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